News Update: 5.21.17

Dark Salvation Now Available On

Dark Salvation has been recently updated to a new v1.0.7 that contains many changes and improvements. Many people throughout the years found the game to be extremely difficult. With that in mind, our original vision was to create the game intentionally to be extremely hard but it seems many gamers found it to be a bit too hard. While others enjoyed exactly the way it was, we've went ahead and made some changes to the difficulty making it a little bit less difficult and for those who want to remain having that challenge can just play Hard Mode. Some other adjustments have been made to a few levels that make puzzle solving and navigation a bit easier as well.

This will be the very final update to Dark Salvation as we have moved on to other projects and are now heavily involved in bringing you our next title.

The new v1.0.7 can be purchased at the digital download distributor,

Dark Salvation Digital Download

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