About Mangled Eye Studios

Mangled Eye Studios was originally founded by Thearrel McKinney Jr. back in 2008 in Cleveland OH. The latest release of the successful Dark Salvation game back in 2009 set the tone and direction the studio wanted to take and that is making the games they want to make without publisher interference. Thearrel is also a 16+ year industry veteran where he worked for Ritual Entertainment on some of the PC's hottest titles during that time which were Star Trek: Elite Force II, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre and Counter-Strike XBox.

Previous to his professional industry career, he worked on projects throughout the game community that were made available as free downloads, from maps to textures, mods and much more and were downloaded by millions of people around the world as well as featured in various popular gaming magazines. He also continued to support and release free downloadable content for various games during his first few years in the industry. Some games he created free content for were DOOM, Quake 2, Quake 3, FAKK 2, DOOM 3 and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero.

The studio has now taken new direction and we're currently working on our next new game. Done when it is done.

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